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Prop Rentals from Western Stage Props

Whether you're in town shooting a film or here for a theme wedding and need some fun props for the photos, Western Stage Props has got you covered. Please see detailed rental policy below.
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Whip/ Trick Rope Carrier - Tan (Rental Fee $3.39) Single Action Revolver 5 1/2" Barrel Rubber Gun (Rental Fee $12.99) 1873 Colt Rubber Gun (RENTAL Fee $13.00) Single Action Revolver 7 1/2" Barrel Rubber Gun (Rental Fee $12.99) S&W Revolver Rubber Gun (Rental Fee $13.00) Mauser Rubber Gun Prop (Rental Fee $12.99) Colt 1911 Rubber Gun (Rental Fee $12.99) Rubber Walther Prop Gun (Rental Fee $12.99) Indiana Jones Style Rubber Webley Mark IV Prop Gun (Rental Fee $13.99) Luger Rubber Prop Gun (Rental Fee $14.99) Swivel Handle Whip Prop (Rental Fee $15.00) Indiana Jones Style Rubber Smith & Wesson Prop Gun (Rental Fee $15.99) Replica Indiana Jones Webley Metal Prop Gun (Rental Fee $16.00) Replica Western Peace Maker - Nickel Finish Prop Gun (Rental fee $17.99) Derringer - Blued Finish Metal Prop Gun (Rental Fee $21.60) Heckler & Koch Rubber Sub-Machine Prop Gun (Rental Fee $29.80) UZI Semi-Automatic Rubber Pistol (Rental Fee $31.80) UZI Submachine Gun Rubber Prop (Rental Fee $40.00) Rubber Shotgun Prop (Rental Fee $52.99) Winchester Rubber Rifle (Rental Fee $52.99) AK-47 Assault Prop Rifle (Rental Fee $56.00) Tommy Rubber Submachine Gun (Rental Fee $56.00) Painted Rossi Coach Gun (Rental Fee $56.00)
Price: 16.95
Price: 65.00
Price: 65.00
Price: 65.00
Price: 65.00
Price: 65.00
Price: 65.00
Price: 65.00
Price: 69.95
Price: 74.95
Price: 75.00
Price: 79.95
Price: 80.00
Price: 89.95
Price: 108.00
Price: 149.00
Price: 159.00
Price: 200.00
Price: 264.95
Price: 264.95
Price: 280.00
Price: 280.00
Price: 280.00
Single Action Revolver with 5 1/2" Barrel Rubber Gun Single Action Revolver with 7 1/2" Barrel Rubber Gun Mauser  Rubber Gun Blank Gun Colt 1873 Heckler & Koch Rubber Sub-Machine Gun UZI Semi-Automatic Rubber Pistol
Whip 3 Inch Carriers Single Action Revolver Short Barrel Rubber Gun 1873 Colt Rubber Gun Single Action Revolver Long Barrel Rubber Gun S&W Revolver Rubber Gun Mauser Broom Handle Rubber Gun Colt 1911 Rubber Gun Rubber Walther Indiana Jones Style Rubber Webley Mark IV Luger Rubber Gun Swivel Handle Whip Indiana Jones Style Rubber Smith & Wesson

Indiana Jones Style Non-Firing Webley Mark IV

The Webley is a British made revolver which was used primarily in the trenches during World War I, but was such a solid design, it was also used during WWII. This live-action non-firing replica is the perfect accessory for anyone in need of an authentic Indiana Jones-style revolver. A perfect fit for the Indiana Jones Style Gun Holster, available separately.

Replica Western Peace Maker - Nickel Finish Blank Firing Gun Derringer - Blued Finish Heckler & Koch Rubber Gun UZI .9mm Semi-Automatic Rubber Pistol

This rubber prop gun is made from hard black rubber. It was created using a mold of the real gun. It looks just like the real thing.

Note: In accordance with State and Federal Law we are unable to sell or ship blank firing guns or rubber prop guns to New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Puerto Rico, Canada, or any other foreign country. Orders for guns to these locations will NOT be processed. We regret any inconvenience.

Blank Firing Uzi Submachine Gun Rubber Shotgun Winchester Rubber Rifle AK-47 Assault Rifle Thomi Rubber Rifle Painted Rossi Coach Gun
Western Stage Props Rental Policy

Rental items must be picked up and returned to our location 3935 Reno Eve Suite E Las Vegas, Nevada 89118.

Pricing and Payment

The rental fee is 20% of the item's retail value plus Nevada state sales tax. Customer's card will be authorized for the full retail value of the items at checkout.

Payment is due in full at the time of the rental


  • All rentals require a deposit for the full price of each item. Customers will sign off on the condition of the item with a store employee during checkout. Items are to be returned in the same condition they were in when leaving the store.
  • A full refund of the deposit will be given upon return of the rental item(s) contingent that items are returned in the same condition they were in during checkout. Damaged rental items will be assessed and are subject to partial or no refund.
  • If the product is not eligible for a full refund due to damage the customer will have the option to purchase the product minus the 20% rental fee.
  • If the item(s) is deemed destroyed and no refund is eligible the customer is entitled to keep the item(s).
  • Any item that is not returned within the 7 day rental time will be considered a purchase and no refund will be given for that item. The customer is then allowed to maintain ownership of that rental item

Checkout and Return

Rental items must be returned on or before the date and time agreed to by customer and Western Stage Props. The customer will sign to this agreement and all logistics will be agreed to during checkout.