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9mm PAK Brass Blank Ammunition Full Load (50)
9mm PAK Brass Blank Ammunition Full Load (50)

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9mm PAK Brass Blank Ammunition Full Load (For use in blank-firing automatic pistols)

The 9mm PAK cartridge is a blank cartridge specifically designed for blank-firing replica semi-automatic pistols. They produce a visible muzzle flash and loud bang but do not contain a projectile (bullet).

We stock the highest-quality 9mm PAK Blank Ammunition available. These European-made cartridges are loud enough to simulate real 9mm gunfire. Each round is made with clean-burning powder to reduce smoke and residue.

9mm PAK blank rounds are designed exclusively for blank-firing semi-auto pistols. These cartridges are not compatible with a real 9mm firearm. If you need 9mm for a real firearm, please click here.


  • High-quality European-made blank ammunition
  • Clean-burning with minimal residue and smoke
  • Perfect for stage, cinema, films, television, live performances, dog training and more
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


  • Parent case 9×19mm Parabellum
  • Rim diameter 9 mm
  • Case length 22 mm
  • Primer type Small pistol


  • 9mm P.A. (Pistole Automatik)
  • 9×22mm
  • 9mm P.A.K. (Pistole Automatik Knall)

For more information and safety recommendations on 9mm PAK blanks, please consult this informative blogpost.

PLEASE NOTE: Blank ammunition can only be shipped via FedEx Ground for FedEx Home Delivery. Blank ammunition cannot be shipped via United States Postal Service or overnight service.

How to use 9mm PAK ammunition

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