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Kiddie Trick Rope Toy Lasso - Limited Edition Pink with Purple Handle
Kiddie Trick Rope Toy Lasso - Limited Edition Pink with Purple Handle

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Price: $14.00


Barbie is all the rage right now, so we are unveiling a new, limited-edition Barbie-inspired pink kiddie rope with a purple handle! Perfect for Halloween, this is a must-have accessory for any Barbie fan.
  • ROPE LIKE A COWBOY QUICKLY – Our Kiddie trick rope lariat comes with a glued-in-place Pre-tied knot to make it easy to create and control the size of your trick rope loop.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO USE – The super easy swivel handle is built in avoid kinking and allows any beginner cowboy or cowgirl to master the basic rope trick of a flat loop quickly.
  • GIDDY-UP BUCKAROOS – Great Indoor and Outdoor Fun For Boy and Girls Ages 4 – 10 and Adults as well. Improve confidence, hand-eye coordination, and get great exercise. Our Kiddie trick rope is a great way to keep your little cowpokes entertained.
  • COWBOY UP – Great gift idea! Learn the basics of trick roping and master a flat loop easily. The Perfect Children’s Lasso Trick Rope is designed for beginners or complete your Rodeo, Cowboy/Cowgirl, and Sheriff Costumes.
  • SAFE FOR KIDS – Made in the USA and manufactured in Las Vegas, the pre-glued knot is designed with child safety in mind.
Complete your little buckaroo's costume
Our famous Western Stage Props Kiddie Trick Rope is proudly made and assembled in the USA. Designed with children 4-10 years of age in mind, but suitable and fun for all ages. It is the perfect addition to any cowboy or cowgirl costume.

Designed to be safe and easy to use
Each rope comes with a swiveling handle which takes the guesswork out of spinning. The knot is glued securely at the perfect length to make a loop. Our products have undergone rigorous child safety testing to ensure everyone has a good time.