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Military Ammo Blanks .30-06 Red Tip Factory Load (Box of 15)
Military Ammo Blanks .30-06 / M1 Garand

Price: $32.00



.30-06 / M1 Garand Blank Ammunition (For use in Real Guns) Box of 15

These factory-loaded blanks feature a painted red tip and are for use in the M1 Garand. These cartridges are made by Prvi Partizan in Serbia. They work with many standard blank-firing adapters.

Blank cartridges will not cycle automatically without the use of a blank-firing adapter.

PLEASE NOTE: Blank ammunition can only be shipped via FedEx Ground for FedEx Home Delivery. Blank ammunition cannot be shipped via United States Postal Service or overnight service.

Cleaning Kit for Blank Firing Guns
Price: $10.00

Cleaning Kit for Blank Firing Guns