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Tarantino Bullet Hit Squib Rig
Tarantino Bullet Hit Squib Rig by SquibFX

Price: $499.00


The Tarantino is a extremely versatile self-contained gunshot hit rig. Unlike traditional squib rigs which require explosive pyrotechnics, The Tarantino completely air powered, which means you won't require any additional permits.

The rig contains an air tank, tubing, velcro straps to attach the tank and tubing to the actor, a syringe to load the blood, a small bottle of blood, and a small hand pump to fill the tank with air. The tank can be concealed under loose-fitting clothing, or attached to a part of the body that does not appear on camera. The actor uses a battery-powered ignition switch to fire the rig.

The power of each shot can be fine-tuned by adding air pressure to the rig or by adding blood to the rig. The Tarantino comes out of the box with everything you will need to film your first bullet hit shot.