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Cowboy Yo-yo Cowboy Yo-yo

The Cowboy Yo-yo is a short piece of rope with a small weight attached. The goal is to flick your wrist so that the weight ties a knot in the rope. It sounds simple but it's not as easy as you think! Master the technique yourself, and then challenge your friends!

Price: $8.00
Iron Jailer Key Set Iron Jailer Key Set

Authentic replica

Price: $10.00
Old West Playing Cards by Western Stage Props Old West Playing Cards

Authentic pharo cards

Price: $12.00
Women's T-shirt Women's T-shirt

Let them know where you got your gear in style! This attractive all-cotton women's cut t-shirt features the Western Stage Props logo and is machine washable.

Price: $12.00
Lil Snapper, a tiny whip that really cracks Lil Snapper

The tiny whip that really cracks!

Price: $76.00