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As a customer making a purchase from Western Stage Props to a country outside of The United States, you are considered an importer of goods to the destination country where your merchandise will be arriving. You must fully comply with the import laws of your destination country. Your order may be subject to taxes, duties and additional fees imposed by the destination country. Customers are 100% responsible for all fees and tariffs imposed by customs agencies of other counties outside the USA. Western Stage Props does not have any information about what types of fees will be charged or what the costs will be. We recommend contacting the customs office of the destination country to obtain the most accurate information regarding specific customs policies and duties. Unfortunately Western Stage Props will not be able to refund any customs fees or duties on returned items. For any additional questions concerning customs procedures please contact your individual country’s government agency directly.


Shipping estimates to international destinations provided by our website assume normal customs processing time. Items can be delayed in customs for a wide variety of reasons. We cannot predict how long your order will take to clear customs, nor can we be held responsible for any orders that become stuck in customs, or are rejected by customs. Orders rejected by customs and returned to Western Stage Props are eligible for a refund of the retail value of the goods returned. Items seized by customs and not returned to Western Stage Props cannot be eligible for a refund.


Many of our international customers select USPS First Class International because it is the cheapest option. Please be warned that items shipped by this method cannot be tracked and cannot be insured. We have had a number of customers complain that orders shipped by this method have gotten lost, or took an excessive amount of time to arrive at the destination. Western Stage Props cannot be held responsible for First Class International packages that become lost. If you are concerned that you might not receive your item on time, we highly recommend selecting USPS Priority International, or one of our FedEx international options.


At Western Stage Props, we carry a full line of theatrical and replica firearms and weaponry. Unfortunately, many of these items are restricted from being shipped to international destinations. Blank-firing guns and blank ammunition cannot be exported to any foreign country. Many of our prop and replica guns are also forbidden to international destinations. Below is an incomplete list of countries where some replica firearms are permitted:

GERMANY – Non-firing replicas of pre-1898 firearms are permitted if they are to be used in historical or cultural reenactments.

CANADA – Non-firing replicas of pre-1898 firearms are permitted.

NEW ZEALAND – We have had success shipping plastic, non-firing replica guns to New Zealand.