How do you measure whips?
American whips are measured to the end of the fall, whereas Australian Bullwhips are measured to the keeper (end of the braiding). So a 6’ Australian Bullwhip is actually around 8’ with the cracker.

What whip is right for a beginner?
A medium size whip (6 – 8’) is best for a beginner. Short whips have a very fast action and long whips are more difficult to control..

How should I care for my whip?
Western Stage Props carries only the highest quality whips from our world-renowned whip makers. If properly used and maintained our whips will last years. A good whip cracker will only use the minimum force necessary in a throw. To learn how to crack whips check out our line of instructional books and videos or visit our shop in Las Vegas for a professional lesson. It is very important to maintain your whip with leather dressing, see our full line of care products.

What’s the difference between 12 and 16 plait whips?
Plaits are the individual strands of leather used to make a whip. 16 plaits are more flexible than 12 plaits however 16 plaits are also slightly less durable. 16 plait whips are for experienced whip crackers only.

Do I need a Honda for my Trick Rope?
You will need a heavy weight in your rope to perform most vertical loops and horizontal loops (over 30 feet). The weight creates more centrifugal force necessary to keep the loop open.

Do I need a Burner for my Trick Rope?
You will only need a burner to slow your rope down for more advanced tricks. It puts friction in the Honda to slow the loop down giving the trick roper more control.

Where can you ship blank firing replica guns too?
Due to U.S. Federal and State law we are unable to ship or sell these products to New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Puerto Rico, Canada, or any other foreign country. Orders for guns to these locations will NOT be processed. We regret any inconvenience.

Do I need a gun license to purchase blank firing replica guns?
Blank firing replicas are not and can never be modified to fire anything other than blanks. You do not need a license to purchase them.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! With the exception of our blank firing replica guns, we are happy to ship our products internationally. Our shipping staff are experts and will get our products to you at the best price possible.