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Kangaroo Signal Whip - 52 Inch
Kangaroo Signal Whip - 52 Inch

Price: $160.00


Signal Whips were originally used by dog sledding teams. They are similar in construction to a snake whip, featuring a flexible braided handle. Unlike other whips, however, they have a cracker woven directly into the thong of the whip itself. This is because the whips would often be dragged behind the sled, ruining traditional leather falls. By braiding the cracker directly into the whip, dog sledders were able to develop a much more durable whip.

Today, these whips are popular with anyone who needs a high-quality whip that can be cracked in a small area. Our Kangaroo Signal Whip features 100% real kangaroo leather. While this is the only color and length combination we keep in stock, other colors and lengths are available upon request.